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We want to be more than just another residential youth home. To be able to go above and beyond the basic living needs, we depend on the support of our loving communities to help fund our endeavors.

Your support goes directly to giving the children life experiences that are not typically valued in standard residential youth homes. Our children are our future, and we want them to have a positive experience during the most influential time of their lives.

Your Partnership Supports:

Events and Activities

Going beyond the basic living needs to provide life building experiences.

Step-Down Celebration

Celebrating the achievements of kids who are leaving the home to reunite with their family or be placed in foster care.

Life Skills

Kids gain a deeper understanding of their development and application to life.

Behavioral Health

Improving level of functioning within the community and decrease maladaptive behaviors.


Offering services to help kids excel at school.

Basic Living

Helping kids to practice positive self-care.

Our Current Homes

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For only $25/month you can become a KYJO partner and help support the local, underprivileged youth and make a lasting difference in their lives!

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